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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Questions that dont need answers

One of the most interesting books I have come across in recent times is Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions where he asks questions like:

Is there anything in the world sadder, than a train standing in the rain?

Why wasn’t Christopher Columbus able to discover Spain?

At what does watermelon laugh, when it’s murdered?

How many weeks are in a day, and how many years in a month?

Is there anything sillier in life, than to be called Pablo Neruda?

How many churches are there in heaven?


Well, I have my own silly questions:

Does a $2000 watch keep time slower so that the owner may live longer?

Why are aliens obsessed with the statue of liberty?

How many American Idols does America need?

Is it true that all Christians are biological brothers and sisters (Noah’s couples) and no Chinese has a sibling (one child policy)?

What will greeting-card-companies do when all 365 days have been dedicated to some saint or occasion?

If anyone is reading, feel free to add….

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