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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Men’s obsessive compulsive behavior with suits

The suit or rather the business suit for men has a hyper-vaunted position in the world of fashion. It is not surprising given that in the boring lame duck world of men’s fashion, the only choice is in terms of having a collar or no collar and the shirt or pant being either full or short. Frustrated, designers have tried daredevil innovations like adding one more button in the sleeves. Men have therefore clung to their business suits as if it was the Holy Grail. This suit fetish is so apparent that the no businessman is willing to allow his suit to have even a single wrinkle even if they sit in Yoga inspired extremely contorted positions in low cost economy class seats. No wonder then, even if it’s a huge inconvenience, male executives can often be seen walking around city streets holding their business suits by the hanger, an intensely purposeful look in their eyes. May be we all see it as our Lady Justice moment. Always keep in a cover, always keep it straight, only to be dry cleaned, never expose to rain, never wear unless in combination, the five commandments of suit owning imposes a more stringent religion of its own. All this seems particularly vain in the hot and humid business environment of Asia and Africa where a suited businessman seems as irrelevant as polar bear like furs for an elephant. When will the ice age return?


mens blazers said...

Yeah that's right when it comes to business suits this class of suits it's just like a book for example "bible", so it is a holy suit right? hehehe kinda weirdo you know. But anyway thanks for the advice for business suits.

Anonymous said...

whew, what a tirade against our daily bread I mean suits...You certainly got a point because obviously almost all mens clothing stores offer same suits with same styles. Sometimes, our designers call them by another name, but still, it's a suit only with some added detail. Are you having similar opinion toward a tux?