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Sunday, August 15, 2010

It’s Independence Day and I feel a really some nationalistic

Heehaw; I got a lump on my throat; Salute to the great heroes of my country; the security guards of my condominium have been lined up master commander and they are raising the flag; Protectors of our borders, help yourself to some spicy snacks afterwards; and Master Commander, chief organizer of community events at our condominium, you rival the legends; myths will soon be created around you; tune to the TV and the movie is on; and the lump in my throat turns into tears from my eyes as we slaughter millions in the enemy state again; one movie later, heroes from my air force are again at work, destroying aliens who threatened our life; and my patriotic songs, I don’t remember fully; but it goes in same lines as we are the best and the Great God put it up the arse of the rest; the parade is on, missiles, tanks, bombs, men with biggest penises, women with largest breasts, this land has got it all; we invented everything, we discovered everything by the time the world discovered us; Heehaw. My culture runs supreme, we inspired American Idol, we wrote the first penthouse; people who left my country and became immigrants became stars; they run the biggest bank; one of them got the Nobel prize; unlike these bedraggled immigrants to my country; throw them away; the sports channel is now showing the match which we won 10 years back; We are the largest, we are the noblest; it’s time for some evening snack. The streets are a full with national flags, the street urchin is selling them, bloody hell, this one is an immigrant; his father is an terrorist; fuck off, don’t touch me with your dirt hands; these are the lice in our great country; they make the slums; they clog the roads; slaughter them all; Heehaw

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retarded !!!