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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reality TV: A tribute

Come up in slo mo; smile at the host. Bow at the jury and undress for the giant serpent; the ancient serpent; Here I come; I hiss around you and slither; wrap around you with the hiss; keep smiling; you got this only chance; show me what you are made of; tell me your sorrowful past; show me your courage in fighting against odds; the other snakes applaud, enough; the ancient serpent in me; it can’t wait; to swallow you as you are; base and perfect; a human fully skinned; show me how you fight; show me how you hate; I am widening my mouth; my eyes look at you with hunger; your eyes look at my gut with fear; you know death is near; you up the stakes, you hate even more; you amplify further; the basest nature in you; you are a commodity; show me your evil side; fight with the judges; smell the hiss; cry for me; I let you cry in the joy being in my embrace; the slithering moist rope moving slowly around your raw flesh; here I got some leaches from my jungle; I want to see how they suck on your blood; walk on the mud; tell me how you feel; show me how you hate; sing for me, dance for me, say you are honoured to be in my death embrace and do it in slo mo; I am the ultimate judge; the ancient serpent; I drift around to the jury; the host is asking me to swallow the sacrifice; I want the judges to fight first; show me how you hate; let me admire your straight talking thing; happy, but not content, I slither back to you; the host is admiring my wisdom; reach your climax; give it your best, it’s your last chance; beg me to swallow you; enter my gut; get out of it now; filled with my slime, cry for me now; you miserable wreck; show me your courage as you cry; tell me you will never give up, unconvincing; you are shattered; haha; cameras a rolling and the snakes are a smiling with me; I look at your wreck from a distance, my eyes content till the next mill; your aftertaste is null; sink into the depth; the host is happy again; jury rises for the winner in slo mo; sparkles a plenty; the world is at its happiest; the serpent has already moved far by then; my mind bleached of the last night’s bloody feast; I hiss around and slither; on the surface of this ancient land; slither in slo mo.

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