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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The gift of Magi returns

2 months before Christmas

Frank: I wish I was the first one in office to have an iPad
Stella: I want to go to Fiji; the pics look real nice

1 month before Christmas:
Frank: Dearest, I have a surprise for you; I booked the hotels for Fiji for Christmas, will book the flights tonight
Stella: Realllyyyy; you are so wonderful; I have a surprise of my own for you; I bought an iPad for you
Frank: Thats so awesome; but it's a pity; I will not go for the company offsite because we are going Fiji that time; wish I could have shown it to my peers then. But never mind, let me book the tickets using our credit card points.
Stella: Oh honey, that's so sad; by the way, I used up most of the credit card points to buy the iPad
Frank: Oh well; doesn't matter, I love you
Stella: We are such an wonderful couple; I love you two


Regina said...

There are different languages of love. It's impossible to be idealistic with love like you for the most of us.

eNVy said...

Its just a reproduction of a story.Something similar to hindi cinema.....try to be original in thought and have some identity of your own..Good luck