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Monday, December 20, 2010

What reading Neruda makes you do

Last time I saw you
So few words were said
For the ones that hurt the most
We had tired them to death

Last time I saw you
So few glances were exchanged
For the curtain of hatred
Wrapped the faces we once craved

Last time I saw you
We didn’t stop for each other
For we had already planned our journey
To our next misery

Among trillions of possibilities
Our paths crossed
And what could have been
Is too pure to imagine

But maybe we will meet
When all our pride has bled
When all our hopes have been shred
And all our wants have been dealt
When our bodies are loathsome baggage
And death seems a fortune
When our eyes can’t see
And what remain are just us

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Jayesh said...

Amazing .. fabulous.. Shivaji Das ' Kamal'