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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Flowing along the meandering Medina

As cities worldwide race to build the tallest glass skyscraper, the medinas (old cities in the Maghreb region) survive resolutely within the cozy cramming of their medieval spaces. Inside their maze of narrow cobbled alleys, donkeys jostle with people for right of way while cats queue up for a strip of meat from the butcher. These medinas pack in by the hundreds, delicately built Andalusian arches, intricately carved mosques and madrasas, and kaleidoscopic tiled fountains.  Medina days are still occupied with ancient routines of gossiping at the neighborhood baker amidst the noisy working of craftsmen carrying on with their centuries-old work practices.

“Flowing along the meandering Medina” is an attempt to capture the permanence and the peculiarities of medinas in Morocco, from a journey spanning the ancient cities of trade-obsessed Marrakech, ever-revealing Fez, blue-washed Chefchaouen, lazily-charming Essaouira and pink-stained Meknes.  
Fez Medina reaching out to the world

A river lost in Fez medina

Marrakech style

Essaouira bunny

Fez welcome

Essaouira medina

Marrakech gates

Kawaii in Meknes

Marrakech style

Basking near a Marrakech tannery

Navigating Essaouira dungeons

Afternoon thoughts in Essaouira

Office in Fez medina, the Tanneries

Looking out of Medersa Ben Yuossef Marrakech

Medersa Ben Yuossef Marrakech

Marrakech punk

Stamping colour in Fez tannery

Chefchaouen blue dream

Chefchaouen blue dream

Chefchaouen blue dream

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